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Here you will find answers to the questions we are most frequently asked at Sixth & Hill. If you do not find the answer to your particular question here, please feel free to contact us with it directly at 

At Sixth & Hill we use only precious materials such as Solid Gold, Sterling Silver, Genuine Diamonds, Semi Precious and Precious Gemstones, and an area we stand out above our contemporaries is in our production of True Vermeil.


What is True Vermeil?

Vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is the French term for gold gilded silver. To be officially considered vermeil, an item must be first cast in sterling silver then coated in gold with a minimum 10k purity.

Our True Vermeil items are superior to common vermeil products in that they are first cast in sterling silver, then coated in a layer of pure 24k liquid gold that is at least 5x’s thicker than what is used by the average jeweler, making them much more durable and longer lasting than anything else on the market.

All of our True Vermeil items are individually inspected, x-rayed, and signed off on in order to guarantee they meet our strict standards.


Does the color on True Vermeil jewelry fade over time?

The unavoidable truth is that due to wear and tear and the differences in each individual's skin acidity, all plated jewelry can fade over time. Because to the heavy gold bonding that we use, our pieces retain their color far longer than average plated jewelry often lasting a few years before any sort of difference is visible.


How should I care for my True Vermeil Jewelry?

To clean your True Vermeil items, just wipe them down with a light mix of warm soapy water using a gentle cloth, and make sure they are thoroughly dried before storing them in a dry place.

We suggest avoiding excessive exposure to water, especially water with heavy chlorine like swimming pools as the sterling silver beneath the gold bonding has the ability to tarnish.


Do you offer refurbishing services in case my True Vermeil jewelry fades?

Yes, one of the great things about True Vermeil items is that we are able to polish them and redo the gold bonding, which restores them to the original shine and color from the day they were purchased. These pieces will last you for life.

The cost is usually about 20% of the cost of the original item, so something that originally cost $200 would cost $40 to refurbish. Just contact us at info@sixthandhill to get an item refurbished.


Are your products made in America?

Yes, all of our designs are 100% hand cast and finished in the heart of the Los Angeles Jewelry District, in Los Angeles, California USA, although some of our chains are imported directly from Italy.


Do you sell fake or Costume/Fashion Jewelry?

No, absolutely not. All of our items are precious jewelry, made of precious materials. We do not use brass, stainless steel or any other base metals that have no resale value, and are used in Costume/Fashion Jewelry.


What is the difference between Precious Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry?

Precious Jewelry is any jewelry made from precious metals, such as gold, silver, or platinum, and precious stones and gems, such as diamonds, sapphires, or rubies, and has a resale value.

Fashion Jewelry is any jewelry that does not contain any precious materials. Most of the Fashion Jewelry in the market is made of either a brass or stainless steel base, and is then coated with a quick flash gold plating (less than 0.2 micrometers thick), and only uses non-precious or synthetic gems and stones (CZ's), and has no resale value.


Do you make custom jewelry?

Although we got our start by making custom jewelry, and it is one of the things we love to create most, unfortunately due to the high demand and timely production that goes into making our True Vermeil jewelry we have had to stop doing custom jewelry work for the time being.