Three Generations of Excellence

(Jose A. Medrano, his grandson Mike Nuñez, and his son Amaury Medrano.)


The Sixth & Hill Jewelry Company was established in 2015 as the newest segment in a legacy that began in 1968 when a Cuban refugee named Jose A. Medrano opened his first jewelry store, Medrano Jewelers, in South Los Angeles. Under Jose's guidance and with his blessings, his son Amaury Medrano and his grandson Mike Nuñez brought their family's collective talents and experience together to create the Sixth & Hill Jewelry Company.

Amaury, a veteran in the jewelry industry with over 30 years of combined experience ranging from being managing partner of the family owned retail jewelry stores, to his role as National Sales manager of a prestigious wholesale jewelry manufacturer, to working with global jewelry companies and high end European luxury jewelry designers, acquired a priceless amount of knowledge throughout his career, always maintaining the vision to someday building his own jewelry brand.

In 2014 Amaury's nephew and Jose's grandson Mike Nuñez made his way into the family trade full time to share Amaury’s vision. Mike's career spanned work in marketing and creative development ranging from being a Hip Hop DJ and Producer, Graphic Artist, and working with world renowned tattoo and graffiti artists as a documentary filmmaker.

The synergy between Amaury's experience and Mike's creative direction lead them to begin developing beautiful and expertly crafted pieces of jewelry and they knew they had to take the idea further. Using the street corner of West 6th Street and South Hill Street in the Los Angeles Jewelry District, where Jose opened his first wholesale jewelry location and where Amaury paid the majority of his dues as inspiration, they created the Sixth & Hill Jewelry Company.

Whether reinventing a jewelry staple, like the classic Jesus piece, or pushing the next level of technical development, Sixth & Hill creates all original designs that have a sleek, and modern feel, while maintaining a classic and traditional look that reflects the origins of the heritage. "We are the first high end jewelry brand that acknowledges its roots in street culture. We are creating something that adds value and prestige to the culture out of respect for our place in it." states cofounder and creative director Mike Nuñez.

The Sixth and Hill Jewelry Company works with in house master jewelers in the city of Los Angeles and ensures that every piece of Sixth & Hill jewelry carries the level and standard of craftsmanship and execution that rivals that of any other high end global jewelry brand.

Sixth & Hill only uses precious materials such as Solid Gold, Sterling Silver, Genuine Diamonds, Semi Precious and Precious Gemstones. An area they stand out above their contemporaries is in their production of True Vermeil.

Sixth & Hill uses their expertise in Sterling Silver production and the highest gold bonding available in North America, which makes them one of the leading companies in the world to manufacture True Vermeil.

“We are creating something to help elevate the entire culture, not just elite people within it. You shouldn't have to be super rich to have dope style, and our high standard in the production of True Vermeil is key in that equation." adds Mike.

When Jose A. Medrano opened his first jewelry store in 1968, he never imagined a second and third generation would go on to carry his torch into furthering and building on to the heritage. With items already in select tastemaker boutiques, a growing list of celebrity clients, and a brand name that is steadily gaining global recognition, Sixth & Hill is building a legacy that bestows pride on the family behind it and even more so on the people who support the brand.