About Us 01

Centered in the heart of the Los Angeles Jewelry District, Sixth & Hill brings together over 50 years of combined experience in the industries of jewelry manufacturing and graphic design.

Founded by partners Amaury Medrano, and Michael Nuñez; a jewelry industry veteran with over thirty years of hands on experience, and a graphic designer who's foundation was laid in the Los Angeles Graffiti Art scene, the company brings together a fresh new energy that bridges the gap between elegant precious jewelry, and modern street style.

Whether reinventing a jewelry staple, like the classic Jesus piece, or pushing the next level of original design, we always maintain a focus on artistry, craftsmanship, and style, making sure that every piece of jewelry that we produce adheres to our own personal standard of art, distinguishing our pieces from those who's value is simply determined by being weighed on a scale.

All of our jewelry is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles by top tier craftsmen, using only precious materials like Gold, Silver, Vermeil, and VS quality diamonds.

Now, go put some art around your neck...