Buyer's Guide to Picking the Perfect Chain.

Buyer's Guide to Picking the Perfect Chain.

One of the questions we get asked most often is "What's the difference between this chain and that chain?". It's a good question, since most people don't have the ability to go to Downtown LA or Manhattan, or have access to jewelry stores that carry authentic jewelry, and even if they do most people don't want to go into a jewelry store to ask a bunch of questions without the intention of actually spending money right then.

The truth is, every chain is different and it really comes down to personal preference, but there are certain things you should factor in when looking for "the perfect chain" for yourself, so I decided to create a little buyer's guide to help steer you guys in the right direction to get what works best for you.

I'm going to keep this post focused on standard precious metal link chains that are made in Solid Gold and Sterling Silver. I'm not going to get into iced out chains, or fashion/costume jewelry chains, just the most common links that most people want to hang a pendant from.

First off, I'd say the most important factor is Cosmetics. If you like how a particular chain looks, then it's most likely the right one for you. Don't let these technical directions get in the way of what makes you fee good. If you love a chain that gets tangled a lot and can't fit a pendant properly, but you feel ten feet tall when you wear it, then rock that thang, homie!

But if you'd like a little more Intel for the next time you're looking for something nice to put around your neck, then consider these other few factors as well.

Weight. Because of the varying density of the links in each different chain, one style of chain that might be 4 millimeters thick and 30 inches long can have a completely different weight than another style of chain that has the same thickness and length, which will result in them being different prices too. So "Weight" basically translates to "Cost" for most people. And if you've already been wearing precious jewelry for a while, you know that pieces with some substance to them usually feel the best, and don't get tangled in your clothing as easily as lighter pieces do.

Flow. Some chains are made up of links that look really great but tend to get tangled a lot, or the links are really close together and don't allow the chain to have much flexibility. Like I said before, if you like how something looks, rock it... but ultimately we all want a chain that flows well, and allows a nice pendant to swing from it properly. So consider this factor if you'd prefer to spend your time look'n fly rather than off in the corner constantly fixing and untangling your chain. 

Pendant Mobility. Similar to "Flow", if you intend on wearing a pendant on your chain, then be aware that based on how the links are shaped, some chains will allow pendants to move more freely on them than others. If your pendant keeps creeping up behind your neck, then it might not be fitting correctly on your chain, or you may just have a particular style of link chain that doesn't work well with pendants. This factor is really only important if you plan on wearing a pendant on your chain, there are tons of styles of chains that look great by themselves without pendants.

The photo of Pharell to the right is a great example of dope looking chains that don't necessarily have the best Flow or Pendant Mobility.

(This photo of Pharell Williams is a great example of dope looking chains that don't necessarily have the best Flow or Pendant Mobility.)

And last but not least, Durability. This should almost be self explanatory, but be aware that some chains are stronger than others. Obviously size will make a difference in this category, thicker chains are usually more durable than thinner ones, but some links themselves are also just more delicate than others.

If you stick to these basic guides you should be able to find something that works well for you and your personal style.

Keep checking back with this blog as we go into more depth regarding specific links and chain styles in the future.




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